How to Bet

You need to make sure you have enough funds in your account to make the bet.

Minimum bet amount is 50 NGN and maximum is 10,000,000 NGN (10 Million Naira).

Once the funds appear on your account, you can start to bet.

Click SPORTSBOOK and select the matches you want to bet on and simply by clicking the odd on each selection you want to add to your bet, it will automatically fill up your Bet Slip with your selections.

Once you complete, go to your Bet Slip, you enter your stake, and submit the bet by clicking PLACE BET button.

NB: BOOK is for those who prefer to make their own selections then present it the cashier at our shops. To do this, follow the same procedure above but instead of clicking “Place Bet“, you click on “BOOK”. The system will generate a code which you will present to the cashier and they will print the coupon for you. You don’t need to have funds in your account to do this because you will give it to the cashier.